Kamana Jha

  • A social entrepreneur with an aptitude for people, project management and effecting change in the rural context. Education, Agriculture and Water Resources are few areas which has always attracted my focus to identify gaps and strive to contribute towards bringing improvement through Technology driven solutions. Kamana’s core areas are
  • Business Process Re-engineering
  • Value Chain assessment
  • Project Management
  • Solution conceptualisation and Design
  • Partnered with Education Department of Andhra Pradesh, in their journey of Digital Transformation by creating a digital platform to develop a paperless working environment and empowering stakeholders and various levels in the education value chain with a transparent and immediate data information for quick decision making and remedial.
  • Owns an NGO in Bihar focusing on women empowerment and creating employment and livelihood opportunities for rural women.
  • State Associate with UNIDO for a project on promoting rural micro industries and value chain development in the food processing sector in Bihar.
  • Set up a Dairy plant in Bihar with daily production capacity of 50,000 litres. Developed plan for creating supply chain for milk procurement through focused community of farmers.
  • Program Manager for carrying out project for Rejuvenation of tanks and inter-linking of canals for Govt of Andhra Pradesh.
Kamana Jha
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